To the boiler

ONLY needed and chosen heat circuits; pumps and temperature sensors, are installed.

SIOB1 -controller

SIOB1 12 pumps:

 Solar heat (orange 1-4)

 Hot water (blue 6-8)

 Heating (dark blue 8, 9)

 Heater; Electric resistor, burner, district heating etc. (red 10, 11)

Heat equalization (yellow, 12)

SIOB1 16 temperature sensors:

  Boiler manifold 1-12, 6 pcs in (water in) and 6 out

 Solar circle temperatures (13, 14)

 Hot water (15), temperature control

 Heating (16), temperature control

Pumping power and certainty

You can install two Solixi pumps in parallel to every heat circuit; double power and certainty.

Controller can drive about 10 pumps with full power, or 20 pumps with half power.
The total pumping power of one controller with Solixi pumps is max. about 200 l/min, 12 m³/hour.
Through contactor controller steered pumps get practically unlimited additional power.

By installing three SIOB controllers in parallel the power rises threefold (6 Solixi pumps in parallel).

Controller can steer steplessly only Solixi pumps. They are recommended to be used in the water circle of the boiler.

Controller can start other pumps with the contactor (often SIOB2 pumps 13, 18, 19)

Two models




SIOB2 12 pumps:

 Solixi heat pump (green, 14-17, evaporator and condenser x2)
 Cooling, heat recovery (light blue 20-23)
Heat removal (lila, 24)

Often the pumps of the house are used with on/off contactor

Pump of the heater (13) water circle of the house

 Hot water (18) water circle of the house

 Heating pump (19) water circle of the house

All pumps and heat sensors

  • SIOB1 dark grey
  • SIOB2 light grey

SIOB2 temperature sensors 16 pcs:

 Solar circle (17, 18)

 Hot water (19, 20, 21)

 Heating circle (22, 23)

 Heat pump (24-27)

 Cooling, heat recovery (30, 31)

Cooling water incoming (32)

Solar concentrator

SIOA – controller directs three heliostats, vertically and horizontally. Six kara motors.

  • Fits to all Solixi solar concentrators.
  • Steers Solixi kara motors (electric actuators).
  • Plug & play installation.

Solar heat
is concentrated to the heat collector with mirrors.
Two concentration powers (heat circle 1 and 2) in the solar concentrators of model C4.
Temperature sensor to the heat collector.
Heater to Solixi mirrors, melting of frost.

Solar electricity with panels
Solar tracker switch. Instead of a mirror you can install a PV panel, that is directed directly towards the sun.

Recommended price 690 €, vat 0%

All solixi controllers.
Notice! Controller is included in the prices of solar concentrators, but not in the prices of boilers.

Consumer price including freight and margins.
Available only from a local Solixi dealer.
Price-estimate can be changed and influenced:

  • Dealer pricing, purchase lots.
  • Exchange rates, raw materials price etc.
  • Price is without tax.


Remote controls, directing of the heliostats, temperatures, sensors, discharges, error messages etc. through the internet connection and as part of the Solixi Care service. Statistics and graphics online. 24V battery electricity.

Several patented innovations, the whole energy system.