Solixi consists of a number of new and unique technologies that have been developed for over a decade

Three core product lines are protected by two patent families.
Scalable MWh-class energy storage capacity and low cost are value propositions that no other technology can provide.
Solar Concentrators produce hot water and orientate rooftop solar collectors and mirrors towards the sun, enabling hot temperatures all day long during all seasons.
All devices can be controlled with a unique AI & IoT Controller.

Improvements are usually 10 to 100 fold, with payback times of a few years.

The efficiency and profitability of devices already on the market will be lifted to a new level; heat pumps COP, heat recovery price, energy efficiency, grid stability and security. 
Another increase in profitability can be achieved with Solixi heat pumps and other advanced and integrated Solixi devices.

Solixi fits for any building and conditions.

Solixi solves the major challenge of modern and future energy systems; fluctuation in wind and solar power generation.
Solixi is the key solution on the road to safe, affordable and clean energy.

The strategy is to license and launch new products through serial production and a large partner network.




For business and climate, the need and benefits are obvious.
Solixi’s Urban Building Hybrid Heating and Cooling System is the revolution in clean technology that has been expected and sought after.