Heat Circuit Parts

Solixi parts

Solixi works best with Solixi parts.
All items are compatible, ½” connections.
Easy to double, transfer, remove, change etc.

IoT-controllers, click here

Micro DC pump, compatible with Solixi controller

Brazed 50 plate heat exchanger

Connection hoses; 0,5m, 1,5m, 3m and other lengths by order.

Manifold 3/4″ and 4x ½”

Parts are installed the needed amount according to the power need.
All parts can be moved and added quickly and flexibly according to the situation, experiences and data.
All parts are very affordable, the price of one Solixi heat circuit is often 200-400€, including all parts and installation.

Solixi boilers have

  • 12 connection pipes to Solixi manifold
  • Installation plate to Solixi parts
  • Frame where the insulated walls and roof is attached
  • Holds 3 bar pressure, even 125 °C maximum temperature

Other parts and devices

  • The already installed pumps are often used in the water circuit of the house (in the picture left). That does not change.
  • It is recommended that only Solixi parts are connected to the Solixi heat circuits (in the picture right). The borderline is in the heat exchanger. Water does not mix.
  • Other devices are connected to Solixi manifold like in the traditional boilers.
  • Contactor (on/off) can be connected to Solixi controller, which can start any device like water pump, electric resistor etc.
  • Some modern devices can be steered with IoT-systems. Solixi is .
    Connecting requires often the modification of software.

Flexible and easy installation, plug & play

  • You don’t always need a plumber; threaded mounting from the connection hose to the pumps, heat exchangers and manifolds where there is a cutoff  for each temperature circuit at both ends.
  • You don’t always need an electrician, low voltage 24 V, plug & play plugs in pumps and in the controller.

Additionally needed

  • Foundation according to the weight, a cubic meter of water weighs a ton.
  • Walls and roof, which will be attached to the frame of the container.
  • Insulation; walls 20-40 cm, roof 30-60 cm, floor 5-20 cm.
  • Heat transfer pipes (or Solixi connection hoses) to the building, usually 2-4 pairs of pipes.
  • Reasonable distance to the heat distribution room (less than 100 meters, recommendation about 10-20 m).

Choose the heat circuits

so energy will be transferred intelligently timed and very accurately optimised, steered by the controller.
There are 24 alternatives.

  • Heating (dark blue 8, 9, 19)
  •  Hot water (blue 6-8, 18)
  •  Solar heat (orange 1-4)
  • Heaters; electric resistor, burner etc. (red 10, 11, 13)
  •  Cooling, heat recovery (light blue 20-23)
  • Solixi heat pump (green 14-17)
  • Heat equalization (yellow, 12)
  • Heat removal (lila, 24)

All heat circuits can be modified according to need by moving the connection hoses from manifold to another. For example the heat equalization pump (12, green) can mix all three or only two upper or two lower containers when they are wanted to the same temperature.

Solixi – energy done right