Large boilers

Solixi warm/cold energy storage is the only standardised MWh capacity water boiler. It is also automatic and intelligent. It lifts the energy efficiency of the connected devices to a new level; heat pumps, heat recovery, air conditioning, burners and also solar heat. 

  • Capacity in megawatt hours MWh, not kilowatt hours kWh. Solixi stores a huge amount of energy, and money.
  • Volume in cubic metres, not litres.
  • Temperatures change between 0-120 °C instead of traditional 20-70 °C.
  • Three compartments, stores hot and cold simultaneously.
  • The thickness of the uniform insulations is tens of centimetres instead of centimetres, minimal heat losses.
  • Completely outdoors, scalable, saves indoor space.
  • Quick and trouble-free installation outdoors.
  • Safe, no water or steam damage indoors.
  • Transportable, standard containers and the same logistics, manufacturing, services
  • 4 sizes; 6 and 15 MWh are modified tank containers, smaller 0,5 and 1MWh fits into a sea container

Solar heat & solar hot

All this is possible only with the patented solar concentrator;

  • Warms always when the sun is shining, hot even in the winter.
  • Even production from morning to evening year round.
  • Even a short glimmer of sun warms up.
  • The only controllable solar collector, on/off, control of the produced temperature.
  • Turning mirrors (heat) & PV panels (electricity) always towards the sun.
  • Over the shadows on top of the roof top.
  • Towards south independently of the shape of the roof.
  • Little need to clean up, does not collect snow, dust or garbage.
  • Several sizes and models.
  • Easy and fast assembly, can be dispersed into parts.

Automatic intelligence

The solar concentrators and large boilers function under the steering of IoT controllers. The controllers direct the mirrors and optimize the charge and discharge times.

  • The controller functions independently, but is connected to the internet and Solixi Care cloud service.
  • Connects the already installed heaters, heat pumps, heat recovery and air conditioning to Solixi. Integrates everything to one system, where the devices function optimally.
  • Anticipates the weather and the price of the electricity.
  • Accurate and automatic control of timing and temperatures.
  • Wireless controller network connects the boilers and the solar concentrators.