Solixi water pump

Recommended price 60 €, VAT 0%

Available only through local Solixi dealer.

The price may vary:

  • Dealer pricing, purchase lots.
  • Exchange rates, price of raw materials etc.


Full control by Solixi controller

  • ON/OFF, automatic flow rate 0-18ltr/min.
  • Plug & play, install / change in few minutes
  • 10 bar pressure (Solixi water boiler 3 bar)
  • 110°C max temperature (max. 125°C out from the Solixi electric heater)
  • 30.000h lifetime (in Solixi usually much longer, pump is often OFF or half power)
  • Along with Solixi controller measures the energy yield.
  • Solixi Care IoT graphics and online settings
  • ½” threaded connection to Solixi connection hoses, heat exchangers, manifolds ect.
  • Can install two side by side / heat circle , double power and security
  • Includes smart electronics
Please note, only this pump is 100% compatible with Solixi energy system! 

Other pumps

Solixi controller can switch almost any pump ON/OFF via contactor.

Several patented innovations, the clean energy system.