Solixi® ecosystem 2019

These companies and organisations are cooperating with Solixi Ltd.
The form of the collaboration is planned as shortly described in this page.
Please note that the business is about to start in the near future with some of the mentioned partners.
Please always check the status and readiness before any action.

Name in the list include a link to the company’s website.

Mission, values

Our common mission is to create, provide and develop integrated energy solutions that empower our clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate and improve the quality of life in a clean environment.

We will maintain the highest standards of ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behavior.
Certain material and immaterial, sensitive and confidential information pertaining to ecosystem partners may not be publicly disseminated unless specifically authorized.

IPR, licensing

We agree that ecosystem members’ intellectual property is fully owned by the party in question. Royalties, license fees and trade expenses will be agreed between the ecosystem partners case by case or in a separate bilateral agreement.

Parties which are not mentioned in this page are not allowed to take advantage of Solixi’s IPR, Solixi patent portfolio letter here.

Patenting: Espatent, Ziegler 
Trademark: BocoIP
Audit: HLB Tietotili


When an ecosystem members wants to change their info in this page, please contact:
Mr. Jyri Jaakkola, CEO, founder
The right for changes without further notice is reserved for Solixi Ltd.


ME Solutions
Solixi has licenced and contracted component procurement and imports from China to ME Solutions Ltd.
ME Solutions is a procurement company that consults Solixi with component selection and handles bidding, quality control and shipments.

Microteam, Comatec
Microteam will design the unique controller Solixi needs. The software and the hardware, which includes a processor, a memory and a GSM and the cloud service are tailored for Solixi.
An embedded system is much more than electronics and software. For us, designing an embedded system means taking care of the complete system: its performance, compatibility and value for the customer. Our cross-disciplinary approach gives your product a real competitive advantage. That’s credible creativity.
Comatec Group provides engineering design, project management and expert services for the technology industry, in particular for machine building.

is the Solixi controller manufacturer and distributor for other Solixi ecosystem companies. Xortec services cover the entire life cycle of Solixi controller from design to production, assembly, testing and component maintenance.
Xortec offers expertise in electronics technology,  design and manufacturing at internationally competitive rates. Our modern production line scales freely from prototyping and short runs to mass production.
We specialise in demanding connections and difficult use sites, and have over 20 years of experience. Our long history and drive to achieve the optimal result have made us pioneers in Finnish electronics.

Solixi solar concentrator mirror plates.
ALANOD® – Reflective surfaces
We leave no wishes open to the refletive behavior.
We offer both material surfaces with isotropic reflection characteristics, as well as none-isotropic reflection, all with a range of differing degrees of diffuse reflection and specular reflection.

Distribution channels, customer interface


Wholesaler for Solixi products especially in Nordics, Baltics and Poland.
Onninen is part of the Finnish K Group. Kesko and more than 1,100 K-retailers form K Group, the pro forma retail sales of which were around €13 billion in 2017.
Solixi distribution channel for small and end consumer sized Solixi products.
K Group is the third largest retail operator in Northern Europe and it employs approximately 42,000 people. Kesko operates in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade.

Solixi products bring added value to Pilaster building plumbing systems. Pilaster is a sales and installer partner for Solixi.
Pilaster is a Finnish, modular system for modernization of building services and plumbing. It is suitable for renovation, as well as for additional floor and for new constructions. In addition to the piping solution, the system includes technology that improves the energy class of the property, increases property value and improves housing comfort. The building technology is located in the flue elements that are installed on the outside walls of the building.

Solixi dealer and agent in developing countries.
Aikagroup provides a full array of services which constitute a total package of conceptualizing, planning, building, managing and promoting eco-friendly technology driven modern habitats. Aikagroup serves clients globally across thermal estate, energy, industry and infrastructure sectors. We provide services across the full project lifecycle, including financial services.

Plumbing services and building energy renovations combined to Solixi products.
LVI-Trio is the leading plumbing renovator in Finland with 30 years experience.

GreenStream Network
Solixi provides the technology for GreenStream projects.
Our advisory expertise covers green financing and asset management for renewable ​energy, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation activities​. Our financial advisory is geared towards sourcing financing for green investments, assisting developers in delivering projects to financial close and managing of public and private investment vehicles.
Energy efficiency in China offers boundless opportunities and our goal is to be one of the market leaders in the Energy Service Company (ESCO) sector.

Radical Innovations Group
Solixi provides technology and products for RIG.
We design and virtually prototype energy technologies and energy infrastructure systems. In the domain of energy technologies, we develop advanced energy harvesting, energy conversion, and energy storage solutions. We simulate socio-economic and policy dimensions to design effective energy infrastructure through public private partnership (PPP) and circular economy models.

Twylas mission is to develop and deliver high-quality community benefitting enterprises inspired by the pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Solixi heating, cooling and solar energy are represented by Twyla in Qatar.

Value-added services

We are an established global recruitment business who offer a range of solutions worldwide. With over 19 years of experience and 5 global offices, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest quality of service globally.
Solixi’s strong expansion strategy requires rapid recruitment of staff.
Leap29 have been a global provider of executive recruitment solutions to the Power and Renewable Energy industry since 2005. Over this time, we have developed an extensive network of Power and Renewable Energy professionals working throughout the project life cycle.

Solixi provides the building hot or cold water supply for heating and/or for cooling, Fourdeg thermostats will adjust room temperatures according to the need.

Heating and cooling of the building is operated with electronic wireless TRVs (Thermostatic radiator valve) and gateways, compatible with other IoT (Internet of Things) devices and building automation.
Fourdeg ® is a comprehensive Service to improve indoor comfort with individual and stable heating & cooling, and save energy costs by lower consumption and demand-side management.

The Bassiouni Group (TBG)
is a global Management Consulting and International Development firm that drives Economic Growth by focusing on Sustainability and Innovation. We provide a mix of Consulting, Advisory, and Investment solutions for governments, international institutions, corporations and communities.
TGB has a long history with Solixi.

Monitoring and controlling for building automation systems to be integrated to Solixi cloud service.
Enermix provide complete solution for making buildings smart and energy efficient.

Solixi cloud service to be integrated with SmartVent.
It’s a real hassle to keep tenants happy as a building manager. The BMS can only be accessed in the basement, nobody remembers the password to it and the data you see is not actionable.
We provide a cloud-based system that brings all the BMS data into your mobile device in an easy to understand dashboard.

Presales consulting for Solixi system implementations.
Advice, consulting and solution finding related to material engineering, design and structural integrity of mechanical components, long term operation, ageing management, safety and reliability of power plants.

Solixi will expand Soleco field of expertise.
Soleco Ltd is the first and most experienced Finnish solar energy consultant company with a widespread experience and knowledge on solar energy systems, and especially how to manage photovoltaic at northern with small insolation in winter and southern latitudes with constant insolation.
Soleco have the expertise to designs powerful solutions to implement solar energy for different applications. This experience and knowledge has been disseminated to many places in the world already.