100 % emission cuts

Targets are now set to a higher level

According to Paris agreement zero greenhouse gas emissions should be achieved within a few decades. Whereas some emissions are still allowed in aviation and a couple of other industries, buildings are set to become emission free. Since continuous improvement of energy efficiency is quite expensive, new ways of producing clean energy are required.

The emissions should be stopped also because of the rising cost of burning; the prices of fossil fuels, taxes, debt level and balance of trade as well as the health costs of pollution. The extreme weather conditions, the acidification and the sea level rise as well as the climate refugees and crises are becoming too expensive.
The economy can not stand the consequences of burning, at least not for long. Investing in it is a risk already.

30%, 50% or even 80% emission cut is not enough, when the target is 100%

Continuous energy renovation is expensive and impossible.
When an energy renovation needs to be done for decades, Solixi is the right choice.

Only a few clean


The CO2 emissions of hydro-, solar-, wind- and nuclear energy are the smallest. Their consumption is increased within the political, physical and economical boundaries. The electricity gets cleaner.

Grid power and electricity is not enough for heating, not during winter cold, when most of energy for living is heat produced by burning.

The heating of a building can be cleaned up locally and without grid energy only with sun, because the roofs are too low and closely built for wind energy and there are no nuclear power plants or rapids for every home.

In addition to clean grid electricity the production, storage and recycling as well as energy efficiency of solar heat has to be lifted to a new level. Solixi does that.



affordable and clean living. Solixi and clean grid energy together makes it economically profitable to end burning and emissions while there is no need to compromise on the standard of living.
The value of the building rises. There is always suitably warm or cool in the house. Solixi lowers the maintenance expenses and rent. The energy costs are known far into the future. Solixi is economical and ecological choice for the cities, industry and real estates.

Stop burning/smoking

  • Are You burning money?
  • Are You planning to stop smoking?
  • Are You worried about the consequences of smoking?
  • Are you against smoking, or burning, in principal?
  • Is it smelling, did you got cough?
  • Do You think there is no choice?
  • Do you smoke light and green menthol cigarettes, are you a green bio-burner?

Solixi helps You to burn less and finally helps You to stop.