Heat pumps

Heat pumps to Solixi

The price of the heat produced by a heat pump collapses, when the heat is generated to Solixi boiler with the cheap electricity before a cold week steered by the Solixi IoT controller.
During summer heat cold is pumped from cool night air with cheap electricity and low electricity consumption.
Solixi Care follows the electricity price and weather forecasts and optimizes the running times.

Almost any heat pump can be connected to Solixi.

The efficiency of a geothermal heat pump improves and lifetime lengthens when it is used only during the coldest and darkest months. It is not worth wasting the heat in the ground already in the beginning of fall, the sun warms cheaper in the spring. Electricity and euros are saved and a smaller geothermal system will do.

You can connect several different heat pumps to Solixi, the parallel and intelligent use of which saves even more.

All heat pumps to the calculator

  • water/water, water/air, air/air
  • Heaters; heat in, cold out
  • Air conditioning; cold in, heat out
  • Heat recovery; exhaust air/water
  • Heat recovery; sewage/water


Heat pump is an electrical device. The price of the energy is directly dependent on the price of the electricity.

When one kWh electricity produces four kWh heat COP=4. From the graphics of the calculator you can see when the heat pump is needed the most. Calculation is more accurate when you use the SCOP coefficient of the particular season. If the heat pump is mostly used in the winter for heating, SCOP is typically about 2,5. SCOP gets weaker when the temperature difference increases.

When it is very cold it is not worth warming and when it is very warm it is not worth cooling.
Solixi heat pump is an exception, where the outside temperature does not affect.

The price of the electricity and SCOP determine the price of the heat or cold produced by the heat pump.

The calculator raises the amount of energy (MWh) used when SCOP improves (no consumption of electricity). Check MWh when you adjust SCOP.

Heat pump fits in Solixi

Large boiler and capacity (MWh), suitable temperatures always somewhere in the three part boiler and a thick uniform insulation are a paradise for a heat pump.
Solixi controller optimises running times and temperatures.
SCOP gets better and the times for cheap electricity can be utilized.

Power kW

If the electric power of the heat pump is 10 kW and SCOP 2 the heat pump produces 20 kWh in an hour. If the power is too small also other heaters are needed and the running times can not be shortened or cheap energy fully utilized. It may be worth adding heat pumps, power increases and running times can be optimized.

Low tempertures

Heat pump can produce at most about 60°C temperatures. Heat pump is at its most efficient (COP) usually at 0-50 °C temperature.

You save most when;

heat pumps are powerful (kW).

the capacity of the boiler is sufficient (MWh).

You get cheap electricity at least sometimes

there is a heating system in the house that utilizes low temperatures.


Find a suitable sizing with the calculator, it takes into account the variables that are affiliated with profitability.
Current heat pumps work much cheaper with Solixi.


Additionally hot

Heat pump does not produce hot (70-125°C). By storing hot You would have more energy in the storage. Usually it is worth adding at least one heater that produces hot:

Hot can be produced cheapest with solar concentrators.

Electrical heaters are quick and cheap to install.

You can get high power from burners.

Solixi electric resistors

when accurately timed produce adjusted heat (even 125°C) when electricity is at its cheapest. There is plenty of room in a large Solixi boiler for cheap hot.

Heat pump works better

  • Large boiler reduces start-ups and wear and tear, lifetime lengthens.
  • Solar concentrator can give the heat pump even half a year’s vacation, it decreases the usage also in the winter time.
  • Even smaller heat pump will do because the boiler will even out the consumption peaks.
  • Geothermal heat pump gets heat from the ground with good efficiency in the winter, when it is not been used in the summer and fall.
  • The intelligent Solixi three part boiler can optimize the operating temperatures of the heat pump with which the efficiency (SCOP) is lifted. More heat with less electricity.
  • Certainty improves. Boiler gives time to the maintenance to act. You can see where the defect is from the controller. The controller adjusts automatically other heaters to replace the heat pump.

Solixi uses ja starts heat pumps optimally, at the right time with right temperatures.

Solixi saves in the investment and operating expenses of the heat pump and lengthens lifetime.

Solixi heat recovery and cooling, please click here.

Heat pump efficiency can be almost double, click.