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On December 8, 2020, the European Patent Office approved application RENEWABLE ENERGY STORING

Two patent families:
Large and affordable energy storage and water boiler and
effective Solar Concentrator,
both with AI and IoT.
The CleanTech patent portfolio is now complete.

The benefits have been tested on prototypes.

Patents in Jan. 2021

Solixi solar concentrator patent no 123879 PRH Finland.

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EPO European patents

Solixi solar concentrator patent EP2773911 (B1)

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The Solixi energy storage and water boiler patent was approved in December 2020 as Renewable Energy Storing.

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United States Patents USPTO

US Patent Number 9,739,506 Solixi Solar Concentrator.

US Renewable Energy Storing patent application is suspended in August 2020

Trademark/ logo

Finnish Patent and Registration Office has registered  ® Solixi trademark 15.2.2012 (Reg. no. 254530).
The registration of the trademark has been expanded during the spring of 2012 (EU) and 2016-2018 (USA, China, Japan, South Korea etc.) /   BocoIP

Solixi IPR: Espatent (patents) & BocoIP (trademark)

Valuable patents, huge market

The basic energy technology of buildings, cities and factories is almost impossible to patent.
Solar collectors and water boilers have already been invented and commercialized.
Both are important in halting emissions and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

There are now significant improvements in their profitability, power and capacity;

Asset No Asset Type Patent Title
US20150136114A1 publication RENEWABLE ENERGY STORING
WO2013064744A1 publication SOLAR ENERGY HARVESTING

IPR is for sale or licensable.
Transactions will be made soon.
Patents are valid for the next decade.

Does this affect Your business? 

Challenging and successful patenting

First patent application has been submitted to Finnish Patent and Registration Office 3.6.2011 (FI20110186). Patent was applied for a method, system and hardware (a frame with which collector is directed to south in an optimal angle independent of the shape of the roof). Solixi did not respond to intermediate decision and the application was left unprocessed.

Second patent application has been submitted 4.11.2011 (FI20110383). First application in English that was left to FPRO. Essential difference to first application was the addition of heliostats or mirrors. The application lead to a patent.

In 2012 an international patent application (PCT) was submitted. Funding was applied for from Foundation for Finnish Inventions, which notified that they would finance, but they canceled after the application deadlines. Tekes notified that they can not finance patenting, product development or prototype. Surprising obstacles and their timing almost killed Solixi.

9.1.2013 FPRO did not accept the inventiveness of Solixi (PCT). PCT application is published 10.5.2013 with a publication number WO 2013/064744

13.8.2013 In the second FPRO intermediate decision inventiveness was still “No” with the same justification.

9.4.2013 A meeting in FPRO; Jorma Lehtonen, Susanna Rajakoski and Pekka Launis and Jyri Jaakkola and patent attorney Samu Lamberg from Solixi. A couple of hours of argumentation for and against inventiveness. The memo of the meeting by FPRO was different from the tape, complaints were made.

2.10.2013 FPRO has given an approving intermediate decision FI20110383 to the solar concentrator.

15.11.2013 Patent application for boiler, “Renewable energy storing”, has been submitted to Finnish patent office (PRH).

29.11.2013 Solar concentrator has been granted a patent no 123879

28.2.2014 FPRO gave surprisingly and in breach of deadlines a negative statement about patentability. Still patents have been gotten both in Finland and internationally.

5.3.2014 Solixi patent application submitted to USPTO.

24.5.2017 USPTO patent investigator has accepted Solar energy harvester application. USA patent is in practice granted.

22.9.2017 EPO patent investigator has accepted Solar energy harvester application. Patent in Germany, France and UK (EU) is also in practice granted.

In autumn 2017 Solixi water boiler “Renewable energy storing” patent applications are under investigation in USPTO (USA) and in EPO (EU, UK). We are confident to get also these patents granted in a year or two. Solixi water boiler seems to be innovative and new.

As a summary, the Solixi energy system is well protected all around the world.