What is calculates, and how?

BIM made the quick way

BIM, Building Information Modelling, especially for energy, has never been so easy, quick and affordable.
Use the unique Solixi calculator, see how energy expenses and savings vary when you use on/off switches, set new power or price to any device.
Smart algorithms will take into account other devices, the local weather calculated by “closest station” for the map location as well as the latitude to calculate sun’s orbit.
Immediate response; annual & monthly MWh:s and savings /device.
Find the most profitable way to make energy renovation and to cut emissions.

Please note

  • Calculator is a tool for experts. Anyone can make a calculation, but profession is needed to get useful results – not too big or small savings.
  • The calculator will give realistic results only when using realistic values in every field.
  • The calculator is a great tool to see relations between endless amount of options and to optimise the whole system for an individual building.
  • The calculator is made to for thermal energy, it calculates burners (oil, coal, gas, wood), any kind of heat pumps, electric resistors, hot water yield, radiators, floor heating, cooling, heat recovery, solar thermal energy and savings in heating and cooling. Solixi smart controller and large hot and cold water storage can be part of the system.
  • All settings, values and ON/OFF switches are integrated, when you change one number or map location or anything the smart algorithms will change graphs and results.
  • This calculator is a directive tool to estimate savings, savings and sizing roughly, please ask Solixi dealer to check the calculation. It might lead to an offer and real energy renovation.
  • Calculation is visible and public one month. To keep the calculation visible please press “Save” at least once a month. Do the same to activate an old invisible calculation, use your bookmark.
  • Instead of euros you can use any currency.
  • You can change values also by typing & enter, slider values and be exceeded.
  • Solixi calibrate the calculator in cooperation with Solixi dealers and other experts. Old calculations can change when backend parameters are adjusted.
  • Our task is offer as accurate results as possible for professional users.
  • Verification will be made by comparing the results, after installation, to real energy bills and data got from the Solixi IoT controller IoT.

Location   is information

  • weather, cloudiness, day and night temperatures monthly
  • latitude, sun’s orbit
  • heating and cooling days monthly

Click question mark and you will get hints and rules for every field and set up

  • Read the hints first 
  • Use the unit given in the hints (i.e. MWh, kW, €, %)
  • device ON and included in the calculations.
  • device OFF and not included in the calculations.
  • Look at your energy bill, how much energy is consumed .
  • Input fuel  price and consumption.
  • How much electricity is consumed  for heating?
  • Does the price of electricity vary ?
  • How many inhabitants, how much hot water  is consumed?
  • Are there heat pumps , is hot needed  ?
  • Test easily sizing and power
  • Clear colors, i.e. black for total energy   and total expenses.

Choose and size Solixis

  • Water boiler  on/off and sizing.
  • Solar concentrator  on/off, sizing, quantities, collector efficiency, shadows on the roof.
  • Do you need air conditioning or cold  ?
  • Add heat recovery 
  • Size everything up and down , you can also type the value.


  • The efficiencies of heat pumps  at times when they are used the most
  • That energy consumption  is on a yearly and monthly level same as in the energy bill
  • Graphics, does it look right.

Unique algorithm calculator

  • Complex energy modelling of a building in a moment.
  • You can get along with basic information.
  • Test alternatives in seconds.
  • You only need the energy bill and the information of present devices.

The entity determines

Intelligent algorithms, formulas and functions take the weather, chosen devices, power, prices, energy consumption and yield as well as time from hour level to year level into account as one integrated entity.
In this way the savings are under 100 % and realistic, although there would be several devices that “save” over 50 %.
Calculator favours the cheapest energy the same way as the intelligent Solixi controller. The calculator calculates also the savings brought by the energy storage (boiler) taking into account the changes in weather and electricity price as well as the running time and power of the devices.
Previously there has not been a corresponding calculator.

Power and sizing is easy to adjust up and down:

  • set optimal in different situations.
  • Is there enough power  ?
  • Is there heating power reserve in January ?
  • What kind of electricity contract pays off ?
  • Does it pay off to invest in low temperature heating (floor heating)  ?

Offer and savings calculator 

  • Solixi-offer is a saved building-specific calculation provided by the calculator
  • Savings heating  and air conditioning/cold .
  • The dealer checks the calculation and can make corrections or suggestions.

Prices from the dealer

The offer contain also possible other devices and supplies as well as the installation with time tables.

Please make your calculation and ask for an offer

Solixi calculation is is a good start for any energy renovation. You do not need to add Solixi at all (right column). In any case Solixi calculator gives the basic information in smart format for any energy renovation.

The calculator makes it easier to understand the whole building as one unit. When you need to take into account plenty of energy devices and sources, Solixi will show how they effect to each other in a hybrid smart and clean energy system.


Although Solixi is new and innovative energy system from which there is no experience and although every house and location is different, the calculation is, when it is done according to instructions, a good basis for continued planning.


  • Other calculators and modelings of buildings, comparisons.
  • Solixi experts and partners.
  • Feed back and correction suggestions are taken into account.
  • The data of the 2013 Solixi prototype.


  • Solixi controllers data that is compared to the data of the calculator.
  • Controller data and materialized energy statistics are usually public on these pages, as well as the calculator is.

Accuracy gets better

  • Even old calculations get more accurate while Solixi calibrate the calculator continuously.


Joint procurement

may pay off. For example a common big boiler , a common solar concentrator on a sunny roof  , own Solixi controllers and adjustments for everybody ; temperatures , consumption  and savings .

Solixi Oy is not responsible for calculations

but calculator and the data produced by controllers is a basis for design to the ones who do Solixi calculations and to the ones who consider acquisition of Solixi: housing companies, companies, municipalities and industry.


in another calculation. Solixi prices can be found from the products menu.
To get local building specific expenses please contact Solixi dealer.

Solixi dealer checks always the devices, building, energy need etc. and makes a separate offer.