TIPark 2018 China Trip Aug. 16-26th

Jyri Jaakkola was invited


to present and pitch Solixi’s intelligent energy solutions and products to limited audiences of local government officials and investors.
The trip began from Beijing and continued to Tianjin, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Chongqing and after 11 busy days it ended to Wuhan.

14 companies were invited, a dozen were represented by CEO.
Special thanks to the organisers, especially to Tracy, Guoyou and Su. All arrangements were excellent; hotels, dinners, meetings, visits, travelling between cities etc.

New solutions are needed to solve energy and pollution challenges


All over the country large new areas are being built up.
Cities need a huge amount of energy.
Cooling and heating are made by millions of small heat pumps installed on the building walls.
Heat pumps run by electricity, that is produced mainly by burning coal. This is bad for the air quality and for the whole planet.

There is a continuous need to strengthen the electricity grid and to get the production to meet the peaks caused by hot days and cold nights.

Solixi has a lot to offer for China

In my opinion intelligent energy is cheap, clean and we get a lot of it when we need it.

Solixi works in the cloud, on the rooftop and next to the building.
The products are simple and easy to understand but new and patented.

Solixi water boiler is outdoors and big, it is cold or hot or both at the same time, it is energy efficient.

Megawatt hours capacity, gigawatt hours of local, safe and almost free energy. Expenses and investment paypack time are only a fraction compared to traditional solutions.

We produce hot in the middle of a hot day, we store cold at nights. We use heat pumps when the electricity price is low.
Solixi is a water computer. Accurate control of timing and temperatures for any water based heat circulation. All is automated, AI and IoT.

Thermal hot is produced by concentrated solar power, Solixi solar concentrator and PV electricity by Solixi solar tracker.
Energy yield is even all day long.
Solixi solar is ON from early morning till late afternoon, or it is OFF if it is smart.

Solixi manufacturing is already in China.
We are ready for mass production and open for all kind of cooperation with local companies, cities and investors.
For more info please contact Solixi China team.

Thank you!

Meetings, discussions, networking, dinners