Regular water boiler & Solixi

Any water tank

or any other water boiler can be connected profitably to Solixi system, when;

  • It is large, volume corresponds corresponding Solixi boiler. For example the capacity of traditional 500 litre boiler is about 0,02 MWh (about 20 kWh) when the capacity of the smallest Solixi boiler is 0,5 MWh (500 kWh). If the capacity is too small the heat circuits do not function in a profitable way.
  • It has a good insulation
  • Readily at least one partition in the container to improve the stratification of water, or two containers on top of each other or separate but connected to each other.
  • Capacity improves when it tolerates hot, readily at least 90°C.

There is space inside of the insulation for Solixi parts that have not been insulated:

  • At least 4 pcs of manifolds
  • Solixi pumps, heat exchangers, electric resistors etc. attached to manifolds
  • Place for Solixi controller about a metre from the pumps

Installation is often quick and profitable when You already have the boiler. Solixi intensifies the action considerably at its best.

Responsibilities, risks

The performance of an ordinary boiler can be calculated and estimated with the calculator.

You have to compromise with the features; management of temperatures and capacity do not usually correspond to the features of a Solixi boiler. Temperatures probably even out and energy losses increase.

Statistics can not be compared directly to Solixi system.

Maintenance and the remote adjustments (IoT) of the controller can not be guaranteed and You have to probably make them by yourself.

Demands good planning and workmanship from the client.




The changing of the old water tank into Solixi boiler is cheap, the installation work is usually quick and easy.

The savings may cause a disappointment; insulation, stratification and flow of water, the adjustments of the controller etc. can cause energy losses and losses of savings.

The old water tank can be connected afterwards to be part of the Solixi boiler with heat circles.

The old water tank can be replaced when needed with Solixi boiler.