Comatec to supply Solixi electronics

IoT controller makes the Solixi solar concentrator and the large Solixi boiler to work. It orientates the mirrors and optimizes charging and discharging.

Comatec will manufacture the unique IoT controller Solixi needs. Both the software and the I/O, which includes a processor, a memory and a GSM, has been designed with lessons learned from prototypes. The system can be expanded easily by adding new controllers to the Solixi Network.

Robust cloud service

The controller works independently, but its smartness comes from Solixi Care cloud service. This password protected service is used to input the controller parameters, as latitude used to calculate the sun’s position, to the desired temperature layers in the boiler, which also change dynamically with weather and energy price forecasts.

Solixi Care saves backup-copies, supplies malfunction alarms and collects statistics. Data and graphs can be accessed from for example mobile phones. It is easy to increase the power of the Solixi Boiler by installing parallel pumps and controllers. A big boiler with big capacity stores energy for a long time. It is possible to increase reliability during blackouts by installing solar PV-system with batteries. Solixi electronics works at minimal 24 Volts electricity.


Additional water heaters, heat pumps, heat recovery and cooling devices can be connected to Solixi Boiler simply with pipes. The controller can be used to start and stop these as well at the right times and optimize the efficiencies of the heat pumps. The biggest savings in a hybrid system can be reach with accurate control of timing and temperatures.

Competitive advantage

Mr. Kaukovirta and Mr. Ljungqvist from Comatec tell that designing the controller took months of study of the Solixi prototypes. The chosen solution can have dozens of heliostat motors and boiler pumps. An embedded system means taking care of the complete system: both its performance and compatibility. Cross-disciplinary approach gives the controller a real competitive advantage.

Credible creativity is what Comatec is known to deliver. Choosing Microteam was in the end easy for Solixi. Price, modularity, expertise and getting the whole system from one supplier with an electronics-laboratory to test all the controllers made Comatec the winning choice. Modern building services engineering gives big savings, is local and ecological. It is also reliable, long life, automatic and secure – in brief carefree.

Tampere 8.3.2016

Patrik Ljungqvist, Embedded Systems
Ari Kaukovirta, Manager of Automation Systems


Comatec is

an expert in the design of demanding devices and systems. Company’s capability to solve challenging interdisciplinary problems has led to several advanced devices, that have brought competitive advantage to the customers. Comatec offers the design service of software, electronics and machine automation as well as device and system entities on a turn key principle. Comatec’s products for machine steering are extremely fault tolerant  and reliable. In the devices 35 years of know how in the design of devices for demanding environment is combined with long life time platform independent solutions.