Solixi C4PV solar tracker – even electricity yield all day long

Solixi C4PV for all rooftops

Currently there are no large photo voltaic (PV) solar trackers on roofs. In regular solar trackers there is usually only one mast. It requires a massive and heavy foundation and is still unstable and expensive, almost impossible on windy and sunny roofs.
Solixi C4PV is different. It is robust, affordable and smart;

  • The very large flat bar foundation can be connected to the strong roof pillars and structures almost freely. No torque power on any connection point.
  • Towards south, independently of the roof shape and lape orientation.
  • C4PV is light, only few hundred kilos plus PV panels.
  • Bars are thin (like in TV masts) but still the structure is solid and robust metal bar triangle, it will not shake, it will not shake the building.
  • Under the C4PV there can be almost what ever; ventilation, chimney, roof windows, swimming pool … it really suits on almost any roof.
  • C4PV is smart and IoT; on/off, remote control, automatic rain, dust, night and storm orientation.
  • One affordable Solixi controller can handle all three masts.
  • In general any regular size (1×1,6m or 1x2m) PV panel can be installed to C4PV
  • Move already installed PVs from the roof lape and lift up to C4PV and to continuous direct sun light.
  • No new inverters, installation or expenses as the electronics is as is.
  • Electricity from early morning (sun rise/set from horizon also in tropics) and in late evening, not only in the midde of the day.
  • Less electricity yield fluctuation, smaller batteries.
  • Will capture much more radiation every day, compared if the same panels lie on the roof, no matter what is the angle and orientation.
  • Will capture also radiation what is usually not facing the roof at all.
  • PV panels are high up over the shadows
  • Electricity is produced on the roof and used downstairs, no grid fees and taxes  (regular big PV solar trackers are in fields and deserts far away).
  • Another model where there is two tall and one short mast (in the middle) – install in a row to the roof.
  • Every second mast is removed (C46), more freedom to size the PVs, no conflicts in rotation, less shadows.
  • Real full and nominal power always when the sun shines from early morning till late afternoon.
  • Will cool the roof in the middle of the day like an umbrella, but still let the light pass as there is space in between the panels.
  • All bars and wires are thin and in practise invisible from few hundred meters distance
  • PV masts can replace masts in C4 solar concentrator, C4 can produce both heat and electricity – plenty of options.

24 x 300W PV-panels = 7,2 kW

PV panel area 24 x 1,6 m² = 38 m²

Nominal power and electricity yield estimation

7,2 kW 6 hours midday, 43 kWh
5 kW 4 hours mornings and evenings – in the summer in Nordics and in tropics all year round, 20 kWh
At nominal power of insolation 1000 W/m² , sunny day.

Ideal in tropic sun, in the midday when sun is in zenith,  in the morning (sunrise) and in the evening (sunset).

Catches the low winter (and summer) sun especially well in the Nordics. Almost competitively snow and ice free all winter long.


1 Solixi controller SIOA.
6 karamotors to orientate the solar tracker.
Frame; bolts, bars, connector plates, frame and bars to connect almost any PV-panels.


Frame widht 9,5 m east-west
Frame length 1,9 m south-north
Widht with the PV panels 12,6 m.

Recommended price 2950 €, VAT 0%

Available only through local Solixi dealer

The price may vary:

  • Dealer pricing, purchase lots.
  • Exchange rates, price of raw materials etc
  • Installation, shipping, planning, roof connection not included

PV panel masts (electricity) can replace mirror heliostats (thermal) in all Solixi solar concentrators.

Solixi C4PV1

Solixi C4PV2

Tall masts are supported also by wires, not visible in pictures.