Solixi heat pump, heat recovery and cooling

Solixi water/water heat pump

can store at the same time the cold and the hot to the different parts of the boiler. Even useless 20°C water (three tanks) turns into heat (all heat is pumped to the upper tank 60°C) and cold (two tanks 0°C) inside the boiler.
Heat is pumped up, cold down, both are stored and used when needed. The efficiency of the heat pump almost doubles.
Traditional heat pump pumps either warm or cold to the house, non wanted is pumped out of the house and lost.

Heat energy and capacity efficiently in use

You can get heat from a cold boiler and correspondingly you can get cold from a hot boiler.

The sizing of the boiler is good

when the cold and heat that is consumed during the day can be stored by turns to the boiler. Often you don’t need heat pump that much when the pumps steered by Solixi controller transfer the energy between the boiler and the house. The transfer of heat with Solixi pumps and heat exchangers is practically free.

During the day cold to the house and warm to the boiler, during the night vice versa. The boiler gets cold when the house gets warm. Cold is stored during cold weather and warm is stored when it is warm.

Heat can be gotten from solar concentrator and cold from the preheating of hot water. Solixi has a unique way of taking and storing free energy, heat and cold, when they are available.

All heat pumps function better when optimal temperatures and running times are set for them in Solixi controller.

Calculator calculates the savings when

heat is pumped smartly between the house and the boiler and additionally needed heat and/or cold is produced during cheap electricity and/or weather with the cheapest and most energy efficient device.

Solixi heat recovery

During the winter Solixi pumps the ice cold water that is produced alongside the heat of the heat pumps to the heat recovery, where exhaust air and sewage heats it up. Simple and efficient; only efficient heat exchanger, pipes and Solixi water pumps.

Heat circulates, it does not escape.
Solixi recovers a remarkable part of the heat, that would otherwise escape from the house.
The heat of exhaust air and/or sewage is transferred to boiler.

The system can also be used to intensify the exhaust air heat pump that is already in use, add only its efficiency to the calculator

Energy efficiency

Outside temperature does not affect Solixi heat pumps, heat exchangers or pumps that are inside of an insulated boiler. Solixi is always equally energy efficient.

The energy efficient circulation of heat and cold requires

  • low temperatures (0-40°C) which can be gotten directly from the house or outside
  • large energy storage / boiler
  • good insulation of pipes and boiler
  • several efficient but cheap Solixi heat exchangers
  • accurate and quick management of temperatures with the controller
  • several heat sensors
  • accurate and foreseeing timing
  • water/water Solixi heat pump
  • professional installation

Put the heat recovery on:

and adjust:

the calculator calculates how much burning decreases and money is saved, in a special way:

Solixi cooling

Cold water is used directly for cooling and air conditioning, usually mostly in the summer time.

For the cooling You need only water pumps steered by Solixi controller, heat exchanger and a water cooler to the house, like;

  • Air conditioning that is installed to the roof
  • Radiator circulated cooling is common in cold spaces
  • Floor heating can be changed to floor cooling

Cold storage needs a lot of water

The volume of the boiler in the picture is 60 cubic meters (6 MWh heat). Cooling requires 0-12 °C, which the boiler in the picture stores about 0,5 MWh.
The calculator calculates these for you for the boiler size that you choose.

When you need more cold

than warm, warm will be removed;

  • through a heat exchanger to cool water, for example to waters, sewage etc.
  • with air/water heat pump to outside air with good efficiency when it is cool outside. The electricity is often cheap at night time.

Put Solixi cooling on


and inform about the need of cold and its present price.

Notice that You can adjust in the calculator the need of cold evenly for the whole year or only for the hot summer months.

The calculator shows the saving on a monthly level.


Solixi hot temperatures and heat pumps lower temperatures, click here.

Solixi heat pump almost doubles the efficiency.

Any heat pump connected with Solixi is super!