Naturally Solixi

When there is no wind and the sun down not shine

we do not get renewable energy.

When there is wind and the sun shines

we get much electricity. The price collapses even negative. Additionally renewables disturb other energy production. Because of bumping power power plants are switched on and off. It is not profitable.

The renewables need a energy storage

Cheap and large. Profitability can be found from the formula price / capacity, €/kWh. The  payback time of the energy storage can be calculated with the formula.

Natural solution

is water. At the islands of the south seas even the nights are hot. In the winter time in Europe the most efficient heater is Golf stream. Through the ages water has been pumped and heated with the sun. Modern society needs however a manageable and local storage and a lot of energy.


Solixi is large and hot.
Or large and cold. Or hot and cold, or just energy efficient.
Energy is money. Solixi is a large money tank.

The sun heats up

the angle matters

Direct sun shine radiates about 1000 watts power to a square meter.
When the angle is 10 degrees there is less than 200 watts left.

It makes sense for the sun bather to lie when the sun is shining from high up, and it makes sense to stand up in a shallow winter, morning and evening sun. We all know this, but when installing solar collectors …

In black you get hot

Dark clothes are like solar collectors, efficiency is about 60 %.
White clothing is like a PV-panel, that changes about 16% of radiation into electricity.
You can get heat from electricity, both are needed, they are a good pair.

From a square meter in an hour You can get 600 Wh heat or 160 WH electricity, but only when the sun shines directly to the solar collector.

In a shallow winter sun

  • a standing person with a black suit gets sweaty (600 W heat).
  • light clothes shine on a standing person (160 W electricity), not on a lying person (30 W electricity)
  • in the shadow or under snow it is cold in all kinds of clothes (0 W)
  • to x5 black solar collectors produces money (3000 W)

Solixi boilers

large class energy storage.

Solixi solar concentrators

to the even production of energy in all roofs.

Solixi controllers

energy in the right time in the right place.

Solixi energy system

Position, consumption, prices, entity – to the calculator from here.