Find best device combinations with Solixi calculator

Hybrid system is the sum of many

Solixi is compatible with practically all devices and systems on the market. You can connect boilers (coal, oil, gas, wood), heat pumps, district heating and cooling, air conditioning and solar systems, electrical, floor and radiator heating, all kinds of building services etc. to the boiler. Solixi is always compatible and improves other devices when the planning has been done correctly.

Solixi is a wide and scalable system; IoT controllers, boilers, solar concentrators, several models and sizes of all of these.

With the help of tips you will find best combinations and suitable sizing.

Heat pumps

All heatpumps (air, geothermal, water, heat recovery, air conditioning) change electricity to heat and cold. The other is used, the other is wasted.

The large Solixi boiler and controller time the running time of heat pump cheap, according to both electricity price and weather. When it is not worth using heat pump, heat and/or cold is gotten from the large boiler.

If Solixi heat pump, heat recovery and/or air conditioning is available you can get additional savings when both heat and cold are stored. Energy efficiency is improved when neither one is wasted.


Solar concentrator pays off if it is wanted

  • hot also in the winter, morning and evening
  • heating off during summer heat
  • the whole capacity of boiler to use exploiting hot
  • warm also on a cloudy day

Rid off burning

Many want to get rid off burning and burners (oil, coal, gas, wood, pellets).

With Solixi calculator You can calculate how it succeeds and pays off.