Timing and temperatures

Solixi controller

Accurate control of timing and temperatures to ensure savings and comfort indoor temperatures

Solixi produce energy in the most cost-effective way at all times.

It uses free energy first; Solixi solar concentrator and recycled heat and stored hot or cold from the Solixi boiler.
In the summer Solixi can favour cooling capability and solar electricity.
In the winter it prioritizes solar heating capability and recycled heat.
Solixi controller can smoothly change heating to cooling and guarantee comfortable indoor temperatures. This is easy as Solixi stores both cold and hot simultaneously.

When free energy is not sufficient the controller turns on the most affordable energy sourceheat pump or electric resistor, district heating or burner.

Solixi controller is made to adjust pumps which steer hot and cold transfer to the building. And Solixi solar concentrator heat yield and temperature. And Solixi solar tracker electricity yield.

Solixi controller adjust automatically the set temperatures for all seasons, it has daytime and nighttime modes.
Operation modes can be changed remotely when there are exceptional conditions such as storms, heat or cold waves and energy price hikes. Energy price- and weather forecasts the controller gets from Internet.

Solixi is local, safe, secure and independent.
Solixi is able to run pumps, solar concentrators and solar trackers by solar electricity without any external energy, in off grid mode.

Solixi is the system for every clean and smart city.