Solixi thermal solar collector

Recommended price 330 €, VAT 0%

Available only through local Solixi dealer.

The price may vary:

  • Dealer pricing, purchase lots.
  • Exchange rates, price of raw materials etc.

Designed for Solixi

Production, new photos coming soon.
Optimal size and ability to transfer concentrated solar, sometimes very hot temperatures, to the water are the most important features of this collector.
Price, pressure, flow rates, insulation, connections and outlook are all taken into account.

Solixi thermal collector 2000x1250mm land scape.
Weight 34 kg (empty)

Other solar thermal collectors

It is possible to use and install almost any thermal solar collector. Maximum temperatures and flow rates and be set freely with Solixi controller. Ask for more from the Solixi dealer.

With the conditions of the sun, on every roof.