Solixi got a strong partner  for internationalization and for the licensing of patents

Local knowledge, information about the background of companies and reliable monitoring of payment transactions worldwide are the cornerstones of Solixi business strategy. Auditing requires electronic financial management and up to date reporting.

Tietotili knows internationalization

Tietotili Consulting belongs to international HLB-chain, which has a representation in over 130 countries.
Tietotili Audit is specialised in auditing.
Tietotili knows the way international companies function and the local legislation, taxation agreements and international regulations and reporting like IFRS and USGaap.

Tietotili is responsible for financial routines

The experts of Tietotili are responsible for financial routines of Solixi. Financial management is cost efficient and makes it easily possible for the large growth of volumes. TietotiliOnline reporting, consulting and long experience as the implementer of financial management in growth companies give a solid foundation for the internationalization of Solixi.

Promising growth prospects

Veikko Virkki from Tietotili is satisfied for the now signed contract. The confidential cooperation started in 1992 with Jaakkola’s innovative companies gets continuation. Solixi offers solutions to central challenges of our time with competitive products, growth prospects are very promising.


Helsinki 4.3.2016

Veikko Virkki, partner, KHT/CPA