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Current (left column) Solixi (all settings)

Current / New calc switch

Oil, coal, gas,
wood, pellets, biofuels, district heating, all total.
Turn the switch ON/grey when burner is in use.
Test also OFF, is there enough energy when Solixi is ON?

€ – MWh – €/MWh – kW
€ – annual expense of heating, incl. fuel, service, fees etc.
MWh is calculation, the energy yield.
€/MWh – set the price per megawatthour.
kW – set the power of the burner.
The numbers can be found from the energy invoice.


Electricity consumption for heating; all heat pumps, devices and electric heaters total.
Do not include lightning or electronics.

€ – MWh – €/MWh
€ – set the annual expenses, incl. taxes, check the bill.
MWh is a calculation, energy yield yearly.
€/MWh – check Your energy bill.

Electricity price fluctuation

Price can change / day or /season. There can be price spikes and affordable periods.
Or is the price stable, no fluctuation.
Please estimate the fluctuation and electricity pricing for the next decades.

Set 0 in case there is no fluctuation.
20-40 is nominal price fluctuation in many energy markets.
Set 70 in case you estimate the fluctuation will increase.

Electric heaters
Direct electric heating, -radiator, -resistance etc.
Including Solixi electric resistance.

% – € – MWh – €/MWh – kW

% – the part of electricity used for electric heaters
and calculated expenses €, energy MWh and price €/MWh.
Set the power of the electric heaters kW.

Heat pump

Air-, water-, and/or geothermal heat pumps.
All total if many.

% percent – € – MWh – €/MWh – kW

Set how many percentage of electricity used in heat pumps.

€ – calculated electricity expenses yearly / heat pumps.
MWh- calculated energy yield.
€/MWh – calculated price for heat pump heat.
kW – set the power of the heat pumps (electricity input).

Efficiency of heat pump

COP or SCOP (Seasonal Coefficiency Of Performance) in the season when heat pump is most used.

Usually between 2-4

If higher please type the number.
Check the heat pump manual and adjust by the graphic below and experience.
Please note: higher SCOP increase energy production and consumption MWh!


Heating water temperature

In new buildings there is often low heat temperature heating; underfloor heating or effective water-coated radiator.
In old buildings hot water is often required to keep the rooms warm.

Set 40-100

100 when max. 40° warm water is used (underfloor heating).
40 when water-coated radiator require 70-80°C hot water in winter.
50-90 when some part of the interior is or will be heated by low temperatures.


Hot water

used in shower, kitchen, toilet etc.
How much of the energy is used for hot water, not for heating the interior.
Temperature 40-60°C.

Inhabitants – seasonal distribution – MWh – MWh annual per person

Set the quantity of dwellers
Adjust the slider, when the water is used, see graphs below.
MWh calculated, hot water annual.
MWh, hot water usage per person
usually about 1 MWh


MWh annual yield for all devices above.

Total MWh must be equal before (Current) and after (Solixi) – use the switch to compare – when and if energy consumption remains the same.
When adjusting devices; on/off, COP or power, total MWh will vary.

Please check also are there enough power and devices to cover the demand:

Lack on energy, add heaters or power. January average heating MWh lack or reserve. Please note some weeks are colder and need more power and reserve.
If temperatures are allowed to drop occasionally, reserve can be even slightly negative.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Solixi on/off, optimize sizing:

Switch ON and adjust MWh
The capacity of the water boiler.

Set the capacity (energy storage size, MWh).
Solixi water boilers;
0,5MWh1MWh6MWh and 15 MWh models, 2x6MWh=12MWh etc.

If you calculate any regular water boiler the capacity can be calculated;
liters x max. temperature range / 860 = capasity kWh.
For example 3500 liters x 50°C (30-80°C) = 200kWh = 0,2 MWh.
Type the capacity in case it is out of slider range.


Solixi solar concentrator
Please get familiar with this unique product.

This calculator do not calculate regular thermal collectors or PV-panel energy yield on roof slope.

Solar concentrator sizing, collector efficiency, skyline and shadows

This calculator is made to calculate the thermal energy Solixi solar concentrator produces / latitude and location.

First slider, choose the model:
Model C13 = 0,5 (type) / C16 = 1
C43 = 2 / C46 = 4 / C49 = 6
For example, if you plan to install tree C46, set number 12.

Second slider choose the thermal collector(s) type and efficiency:
Solixi thermal collector 0,6 (south side PV of empty).
Solixi thermal collectors two side by side 0,7 (south- and north side)
Vacuum tube collectors 0,4 – 0,6.
Other collectors 0,4 – 0,6.

Popup menu, set horizon skyline height in southern directions: 
5 = low and good, no shadows
10 = horizon height is 10 degrees, buildings/forrest far away
20 = 20°in average.
30 = the roof and Solixi is in shadow when the sun’s height is under 30 degrees.

Solixi Cooling
Set the switch ON to calculate the savings of Solixi cooling.

Cooling period – MWh – €/MWhCooling period, set 6-9 when cooling is needed mostly in summer. Set 1-3 when cooling is needed around the year.
MWh, set the total amount of annual cooling energy.
€/MWh, set the price for one megawatt hour
(typically cold is 3-5 times more expensive than heat energy)

Solixi heat recovery
For more information of Solixi heat recovery, please click here.
If Solixi heat recovery cover (efficiency approx. 50%):
All exhaust air, set 1.
Set 0,6 if half of exhaust air and sewer heat.
Set 0,5 if half of exhaust air.
0,3 if on third or exhaust air (20-24°C).

Calculated savings Solixi energy system will bring. Adjust sliders and turn switches ON/OFF to find the best combination. Savings per month in the graphs. In black total expenses.

0 0 0 0 0

Heating expenses now – Savings with Solixi – Savings %

Congratulations, you have made a complex energy modelling of a building.
Remember to save!


0 0 0

Cooling expenses now – Savings with Solixi – Savings %

Cool, Solixi cooling savings are calculated.
Save the calculation!

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