Dealer license

Dealer sells

and Solixi licenses.
Dealer gets a right to sell Solixi products in a geographical area and sector; a stable and guaranteed margin and protection from competition.

Solixi offers to the license holders;

  • Protection from competition.
  • Stable margins and pricing.
  • Profitable and clean business.
  • Marketing support, for example offer calculator.
  • Training and information.
  • Ecosystem.
  • Solixi Care IoT adjustments, maintenance and monitoring.

Bring your know-how to the ecosystem, you will get the ecosystem know-how in return.


The calculator calculates reasons to the company which strives to profitable operation.
Get familiar and save at least three  offer calculations already before license negotiations.


When the vision is common the cooperation is fruitful.


Usually one dealer / area and sector

Often only one company sells in a certain area and sector. Solixi patents are valid until 2031. Patent is a prohibition right. Only license holder has the right for Solixi-Business. It would be also otherwise difficult without the know how of Solixi ecosystem.

Solixi ecosystem

Dealer orders products directly from subcontractors and sells, markets, installs and maintains them like any other brands.
The companies in the ecosystem have Solixi licence and Solixi know how, we develop it together. Trade relations and routines stabilize.
Dealers order products directly from parts supplier and agree on prices, amounts, delivery times, freights etc. terms of trade according to the agreements.
Parts supplier and merchant is responsible for the quality of parts. Dealer is responsible to the customer for the products and services sold. As always.
License holders can sell and buy licenses within the ecosystem. If the area proves to be too wide and sector too narrow, it pays off to buy, sell and exchange. A good license is valuable.
The companies within the ecosystem concentrate on what they know the best.
Tell us your strength and we will find a place for your company in the Solixi ecosystem.

When your company has know-how and customers

  • renovation
  • heating renovation
  • heat pumps, heaters
  • plumbing, electrical, refrigeration jobs
  • installations
  • design
  • energy savings, energy efficiency
  • finance
  • maintenance, remote monitoring, IoT
  • customer service

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Solixi brings solid, growing and cleanly profitable business.
There is only one licence available that is suitable for your company – act immediately!