Calculator user’s guide, three steps

Please note the Solixi web calculator in password protected.
Access is granted for Solixi ecosystem members like dealers and resellers and their customers.

1. View calculations on the map

Find and click the GREEN pointers on the calculator map

check the savings potential (blue/cooling, red/heating), click “load calculation” to see the details:


Duplicate any calculation

  1. “Enter your email”.
    The calculation owner is identified only by email. It is shown publicly.
  2. Press “Duplicate” button
  3. “Enter a location” of the building: type the address
  4. Press “Save” button
  5. Check your email, click the second link with right to SAVE, add the link into your internet browser bookmarks.
  6. To modify, use the bookmark.
  7. To share, with no option to change and save, share the first link in the email.

2. Set current energy values of the building

Please check your energy bill and the manuals of the devices. Copy the numbers.
To open guidance, click 

Set switch to LEFT “Current (left column)”

Example, load it here

Burner (in this case district heating) annual expenses are 52.000€, price is 70.3 €/MWh, the burner power is 200kW.

The annual usage for hot water is 100 MWh, 1 MWh / person yearly.

In this example annual need for energy 740MWh, 100MWh used for hot water, Burner is the only heater 740 MWh.
In case there are other heaters or heat pumps, please switch them on and set values.
Monthly distribution is calculated by the location’s weather data (closest station mentioned above the map); heating or cooling days per month, cloudiness etc.
To save press green “Save”  button.

3. Make Your digital energy renovation

Set switch to RIGHT “Solixi (all settings)”:

Example, load it here

  • Energy yield/black is the same 740MWh and 100MWh used to hot water/blue.
  • Solixi solar concentrators/orange 74MWh mainly in spring and in summer.
  • New heat pumps/red connected to Solixi water boiler 6MWh produce 472MWh, COP is 4 and power 62kWh.
  • No cooling.
  • Burner/grey line is used only in winter, 130 MWh total.
  • New electric resistors/lila in Solixi water boiler, power 37 kW.
  • Heat recovery connected to Solixi water boiler saves 89MWh.
  • Still lack/brown in winter time power, in January 3 MWh.
    It can be OK if accepted to low temperatures a bit in coldest winter days.
  • Energy costs/current were 52.000€, after energy renovation 29.000€ and Solixi water boiler, solar concentrators and heat recovery save 12.120€ more (41%).
    52.000-23.000-12.120=16.880 energy expenses after the energy renovation,
    34.652€ and 66% annual savings.

Video of this example can be seen here.


For more detailed info please click here.